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Spring 2019

This page contains an archive of the portfolios submitted by Spring 2019 grant winners and finalists.

Recipients were selected at the sole discretion of Leilani Lynch and Rachel Adams.

Many artists
are contending
with issues
of the current

Leilani Lynch

Spring 2019

Meet the Winners

I am always
drawn to work
that pushes the

Rachel Adams

© David Alabo

Spring 2019

Meet the Finalists

David Alabo

Fern Apfel

Roberley Bell

Jessica Campbell

Sophie Vallance

Emma Childs

Peter Cochrane

Matthew Conradt

Kim Garcia

Nettle Grellier

Zac Hacmon

Jodi Hays

Florence Iff

Alyssa Kaboskey

Gary LaPointe Jr.

Grace Mattingly

Jillian Mayer

Anna Ortiz

Phoebe Osborne

Sin Park

Samantha Rosenwald

Robert Solomon

Stephan Sieg

Tsailing Tseng

Dave Walsh

Shipei Wang

Rachel Mica Weiss

Christina A. West

Chris Williford


© Sin Park

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