© Alicia Eggert

Fall 2018

This page contains an archive of the portfolios submitted by Fall 2018 grant winners and finalists.

Recipients were selected at the sole discretion of Mia Lopez and Patricia Restrepo.

The artists’
innovative skill sets and offered insights—
embedded in both
discrete and hybrid practices of painting, photography, sculpture, drawing in an expanded sense, video, performance, and installation—
is incontestable.

Patricia Restrepo

Fall 2018

Meet the Winners

Alex Callender

Northampton, Massachusetts

Full Profile

Alicia Eggert

Denton, Texas

Full Profile

Daniel McCarthy Clifford

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Full Profile

Juan Giraldo

New York, New York

Full Profile

Maja Ruznic

Los Angeles, California

Full Profile

I sought work
that expressed
conceptual rigor,
distinct perspective
and a sense
of urgency.

Mia Lopez

© Nina Annabelle Maerkl

Fall 2018

Meet the Finalists

Alina van Ryzin

Angela Zhang

Angelina Parrino

Anna Wehrwein

Anthony Warnic

Cody Tumblin

Colleen Kiely

Davis Arney

Dimitris Vavouras

Donna Festa

Elizabeth Corkery

Frankie Alduino

Hui-Chin Cho

Isabel Yellin

Jae Jo

Laura Mosquera

Marquisha Lu

Marta Rodriguez Maleck

Mary Laube

Myszka Lewis

Nancy Floyd

Natacha Mankowski

Nina Annabelle Maerkl

Rachelle Agundes

Rebecca Wallis

Scott Anderson

Su hyun Kim

Tahnee Lonsdale

Vanessa Albury

© Tahnee Lonsdale

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