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Spring 2022

This page contains an archive of the portfolios submitted by Spring 2022 grant winners and finalists.

Recipients were selected at the sole discretion of Jody Graf and Pamela Meadows.

Working across a wide range of media—from painting and sculpture to digital collage—this pool of artists presented impressive talent, dedication, and a keen attention to craft.

Jody Graf

Spring 2022

Meet the Winners

$3,500 Grant Recipients

Eli Durst

Austin, Texas

Full Profile

Britt Ransom

New Orleans, Louisiana & Long Beach, California

Full Profile

$1,000 Grant Recipients

Azadeh Gholizadeh

Chicago, Illinois

Full Profile

Brittany Miller

Bronx, New York

Full Profile

Galina Kurlat

Brooklyn, New York

Full Profile

In June Park

Brooklyn, New York

Full Profile

I felt drawn to the ways in which artists were expanding their language and understanding of materials, while fearlessly being vulnerable and generous with sharing so much of themselves within each application.

Pamela Meadows

© Ruti de Vries

Spring 2022

Meet the Finalists

Amorelle Jacox

Brenda Stumpf

Christian Filardo

Clara Ranenfir

Diana Cheren Nygren

Dominic Musa

Emma Parker

Fatou Ridgird

Hui Tian

Jamey Hart

Kay Ford

Kelly Bjork

Kevin Hoth

Kyrae Dawaun

Margi Weir

Maya Varadaraj

Norm Paris

Pace Taylor

Pedro Troncoso

Rachael Zur

Rachel Liu

Ruti De Vries

Ryan P Krueger

Sara Hubbs

Sarah Barnett

Shingo Shaun Yamazaki

Spandita Malik

Tracy L Chandler

Vanessa Marsh

© Vanessa Marsh

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