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Fall 2020

This page contains an archive of the portfolios submitted by Fall 2020 grant winners and finalists.

Recipients were selected at the sole discretion of Christine Koppes and Jade Powers.

I was thoroughly impressed by the magnitude and thoughtfulness of each submission.

Jade Powers

Fall 2020

Meet the Winners

These artists all make work that exudes tenderness and a deep care for community and their craft. Although these themes are universal and timeless, I found them particularly moving in the incredibly harsh and isolating time we find ourselves in.

Christine Koppes

© Emma Fineman

Fall 2020

Meet the Finalists

Amy Kim Keeler

Caroline Monnet

Catherine Panebianco

David Downs

Diana Cheren Nygren

Elisabeth Ajtay

Emma Fineman

Esther Ruiz

Gail Spaien

Gregory Kaplowitz

Ilona Szwarc

Ira Lupu

J. A Feng

Jason DeMarte

Jessica Williams

Joe Hedges

Kim Dacres

Marianna Peragallo

Naomi Nakazato

Natasha Moustache

Osamu Kobayashi

Paolo Arao

Papay Solomon

Rachel Cox

Robert Minervini

Ryan Wilde

Stacey Beach

Stas Orlovski

Taylor Kibby

Yoora Lee

© Catherine Panebianco

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