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Fall 2022

This page contains an archive of the portfolios submitted by Fall 2022 grant winners and finalists.

Recipients were selected at the sole discretion of Simone Krug and Rachel Reese Waldrop.

I was incredibly heartened to review and select awardees from an impressive and diverse group of artists. Through this experience, as all good jurying experiences provide, I now have handfuls of new artists to research.

Rachel Reese Waldrop

Fall 2022

Meet the Winners

$3,500 Grant Recipients

Emily Kraus

London, United Kingdon

Full Profile

M’hammed Kilito

Casablanca, Morocco

Full Profile

$1,000 Grant Recipients

Emily Weiner

Nashville, Tennessee

Full Profile

Judd Schiffman

Providence, Rhode Island

Full Profile

Mar Figueroa

New York, New York

Full Profile

Olivia Booth

Los Angeles, California

Full Profile

There is a deep sensitivity and vulnerability in the artists chosen as finalists, who draw from memory, grief, and in many instances spirituality as modes of navigating their worlds.

Simone Krug

© Mia Weiner

Fall 2022

Meet the Finalists

Aryana Minai

Astakhova Nastia

Astri Snodgrass

Aurora Andrews

Aziza Murray

Bianca Barandun

Catherine Repko

Cathleen Clarke

Charles Snowden

Daniel Clauson

Daniel Ribar

Hilma's Ghost

Gonçalo Preto

Heather Drayzen

Holly Lynton

Iva Gueorguieva

Jacob Todd Broussard

Jaqueline Cedar

Juan Orrantia

Kees Holterman

Kristen Martincic

Loren Erdrich

Megan Plunkett

Mia Weiner

Niccolò Debole

Owen McCarter

Sam Shoemaker

Sarah Kaufman

Servaas Van Belle

Tal Regev

© Juan Orrantia

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