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Roberley Bell

Western New York

Artist Statement

As an artist, my work predominately centers on the production of sculpture and site-specific public projects. Inspired by nature and rooted in the art historical tradition of organic abstraction my work draws on the world around me, in particular the observation of nature. My work both abstracts and borrows from the natural world to reveal hybridized forms. My compositions juxtapose commonplace objects including Knick knacks from the flea market and rugs from Target, with handmade sculptural forms. The assembled elements along with the addition of brilliant color and pattern reference the natural world blurring the lines between inside – outside and nature and the artifice. My process of making is closely linked to a way of thinking and seeing and reflecting on the world around. Essentially as a sculptor, an object maker I am continuously in search of form. A process I refer to as finding form - inventing form where it did not previously exist. Principle to my practice are the acts of drawing and modeling. From there I move to refine the forms that then become the anchor of my compositions. I work with a wide range of materials, wood, glass, plaster, ceramic, steel to reveal in each form the essence of materiality and the ability for distinct materials to be emotive communicators. It is both the combinations of materials and their inherent properties that I explore in my work. Seeing potential in unexpected ways, for example perfectly casting a form in plaster then intently letting it erode, to reveal time or perhaps hiding the harshness of a steel cube with a surface layer of soft brilliantly colored flocking. There is a palpable spontaneity inherent in these works-a quirkily liveliness, they are delicate amalgams of many media, thoughtfully constructed and balanced. My sculptures are embedded in the formal language of spatial composition. Color, contrasting material textures and distinctive form are the dominate features in the work. My sculptures straddle the space between representation and abstraction.

© Roberley Bell

Roberley Bell's Portfolio

roberley bell, Then Again, installation view Kaplan Contemporary 2018
roberley bell, still life with table 2018 foam, wood 58 x 17 x18 inches
roberley bell, Space for the sky 2018 foam, wood, flocking and clay 28 x5 x 15 inches
roberley bell, still life with antler 2018 47x 9 x9 inches wood, steel, plaster, fiberglass, antler
roberley bell, Between Nothing 2018 wood, porcelain 15 x 4 x 9 inches
roberley bell, Still Life #20 wood, plaster, porcelain 53x11 x13 2016
roberley bell, Color of Stone 2018 wood, sintra, foam, antique wood vase. Clay 63x 34 x18 inches
roberley bell, Something #11 bronze, plaster, wood , colored clay 21 x 6 x 5 2017
roberley bell, Something #14 2016 25 x 4 x 4 Porcelain, wood colored clay
roberley bell, Something # 16 porcelain, wood, good leaf 11x5 x3 2017

© Roberley Bell

Artist Biography

Roberley Bell’s artistic work is inspired by nature and time. Her practice draws on the world around her, in particular the scrutiny of nature and the built environment. She spent her childhood in Latin America and Southeast Asia and holds an MFA from SUNY - Alfred. She is the recipient of many fellowships including the New York Foundation for the Arts, a Pollock Krasner Fellowship, and a Senior Scholar Fulbright to Turkey. Her Fulbright project The City as The Site of Intervention resulted in a series of projects in public spaces. Currently, a Fulbright specialist leading walking workshops internationally; recent workshops have been held in Sharjah, UAE, Istanbul, Turkey and Malmö, Sweden. She has also received several residency awards, both nationally and internationally, including Sculpture Space and the International Studio Program.
In 2017 she was a research fellow at the Hillwood Museum and Gardens her project Finding Form resulted in an exhibition of objects and drawings made daily, in response to place. Bell’s work has been exhibited internationally and she has completed numerous public projects.


© Roberley Bell

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