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About Us

The Hopper Prize was established to increase recognition of the work of visual artists.

We seek to advance the careers of visual artists by providing unrestricted financial support in the form of individual artist grants.

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A dream you
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Support for Artists

Direct Funding

Bi-annual Awards

Prominent Curators

In a time when many sources of direct funding for individual artists have been reduced or eliminated, The Hopper Prize offers artists direct, unrestricted financial assistance. Our organization awards 12 grants annually. Winning artists are selected through an open call for proposals. The Hopper Prize is a merit based grant. Winners are chosen based on the quality of their work. Awardees are selected by guest jurors holding prominent curatorial positions at major institutions.

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The Hopper Prize seeks to create new relationships between artists, curators, writers, and collectors in addition to providing unrestricted cash awards to artists.

The Hopper Prize network reaches professionals who are commmitted to supporting the field of visual arts.

Support from The Hopper Prize makes it possible for artists to fully realize their creative expression while reaching new curatorial audiences, collectors, writers, and advisors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email saying I was shortlisted for The Hopper Prize, it claims to be from one of the jurors - is this real?

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that a foreign entity is attempting to solicit applications from artists using one of our juror's names. These messages are not legitimate - they are not coming from us. Any official correspondence from us will come from a hopperprize.org domain.

Additionally, our process does not work by nomination, and our jurors never reach out to artists directly.

If you have received an email from a Gmail address, claiming to be directly from one of our jurors, please disregard it, mark it as spam, and report it to Gmail as phishing. Do not correspond with the address and do not send them any of your information.

How do I apply?

Apply in 2 simple steps:

Follow the application link to pay your submission fee

Fill out the Application Form

What is on the application form & how long does it take?

We made the application simple to reduce the stress of submitting your work and save you time. The application is short and can be completed in under 20 minutes.

To apply for a grant, you only have to submit this information:

• Name & Email
• Instagram Username (optional)
• Up to 10 Image or Video attachments
• Artwork captions
• Artist Statement (optional)
• Biography (optional)

Why is the application so simple?

We believe artists should be able to apply for support quickly and easily, so we made the application process as simple as possible. Many other grant applications are time consuming and complicated. We think artists should be able to spend their time focusing on their practice, not on paperwork, so we made our application process as straightforward as possible.

Who is eligible for The Hopper Prize?

Any artist over the age of 18 is eligible to win The Hopper Prize. There are no restrictions on who can apply.

Are the awards open to international artists?

Yes, the awards are open to artists residing internationally.

Are there restrictions on media, or can any artist apply?

There are no restrictions on media, the awards are open to all artists.

We encourage applications from painters, photographers, sculptors, digital artists, performance artists, experimental genres, filmmakers, printmakers, textile artists, and more — with only one exception — we regret that we cannot currently accept applications for sound based art.

When is the submission deadline?

The deadline to apply for The Hopper Prize Spring 2024 grant cycle has past.

Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified about upcoming deadlines.

When will winners be announced?

Grant winners and shortlisted artists will be announced August 26, 2024.

This date may change slightly depending on how much time our jurors need to fully review artist's portfolios and to make their final selections.

When should I apply?

Apply as soon as possible, early applications are encouraged.

Early submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis by The Hopper Prize administration who will be selecting artists for Instagram features @hopperprize.

Are all submissions featured on your Instagram? Is it a requirement to be featured on your Instagram?

When you submit your application, you have the option to choose to be considered for a feature on our Instagram. While we do our best to feature a wide range of submissions, not all artists who apply will be featured on our Instagram. Applying for The Hopper Prize does not guarantee that your work will be featured. During the time we are accepting applications, we will be featuring submissions on a regular basis. If you opt in to be considered for a feature, we will potentially feature your work, however this is not a guarantee. If you do not choose to be considered for an Instagram feature, we will not feature your work at any time.

I work with a partner/ collaborative/ collective, are we eligible?

Yes, the awards are open to collaborative teams.

How much are individual artist awards from The Hopper Prize?

A total of $22,000.00 will be distributed to artists annually.

6 artists receive awards in Spring and 6 artists in Fall.

During each cycle, 2 artists will each receive $3,500 and 4 artists will each receive $1,000.

How often are awards given out?

Twice annually.

Applications are accepted twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.

On the application form, is there a word/character limit for the optional biography and artist statement?

There is no word or character limit on either the optional biography or artist statement.

Should I submit a body of work that represents a series, or a selection of work showing multiple aspects of my practice?

The decision for how you would like to represent the breadth of your practice is entirely up to you.

If you believe your strongest portfolio is made up of a series, please submit a series. If you feel your strongest presentation would be made via a selection of representative pieces spanning multiple bodies of work, styles, or media, please take that approach. In the interest of fairness to all artists who apply, we are unable to provide portfolio specific guidance relating to individual artist's submissions beyond these general suggestions.

There are no rules regarding what you may or may not submit, as long as the work is your own.

Is there an application fee?

There is a non-refundable $40 application fee to submit your work, which helps offset the costs of administering our platform, allowing us to continue to support and promote a broad range of artistic production.

Are there any requirements for prize winners?

Winners may use their grants for any purpose, there are no restrictions.

Do I retain the copyright to the work I submit?

Yes. Artists retain copyright to the work they submit.

Creating visibility is part of our mission statement. If you win and accept a grant, or are selected as a finalist, your submission grants The Hopper Prize the right to reproduce your art on our website and digital collateral. No other use will be granted or required. All artists have the option on the submission form to select if they would like to be considered for Instagram features as well.

I haven’t received notification about the status of my application, should I contact The Hopper Prize?

Unfortunately we cannot provide information about individual application status prior to the notification date.

We will announce grant winners via our email list, Instagram, and on our website. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow our Instagram account to stay informed.

I received an email claiming I was shortlisted for The Hopper Prize - is this real?

We do not contact artists directly unless they have applied for The Hopper Prize through our website. If you received an email claiming you have been shortlisted and requesting that you send money via Paypal, do not do it. All communication from us will be from a hopperprize.org email address. We will not reach out to you directly unless you have specifically applied for a grant directly through our website.

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