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Spring 2020

This page contains an archive of the portfolios submitted by Spring 2020 grant winners and finalists.

Recipients were selected at the sole discretion of Amber Esseiva and Leila Grothe.

These artists inspired me to think and dream and most importantly to question dominant and pervasive logics so familiar to our visual culture.

Amber Esseiva

Spring 2020

Meet the Winners

Kira Dominguez Hultgren

San Francisco Bay Area

Full Profile

The collection of Hopper Prize applicants affords an opportunity to consider a cross section of voices that articulate the current moment.

Leila Grothe

© Masako Miki

Spring 2020

Meet the Finalists

b chehayeb

Caroline Wayne

Diane Meyer

Eleanor Mahin Thorp

Eli Craven

Elisa Valenti

Elizabeth Glaessner

Elizabeth Tremante

Elizabeth Withstandley

Erika Long

Erin Fostel

Habib Hajallie

Iren Tete

Jessica Alazraki

Joshua Gutierrez

Joshua Hagler

Kenneth Lambert

Leslie Foster

Lindsay Buchman

Lynnea Holland-Weiss

Masako Miki

Melissa Joseph

Nicky Newman

Paolo Arao

Peter Cochrane

Rebecca Frantz

Rhonda Urdang

Seon Jeong Wang

Tommy Kha

Yi To

© Lindsay Buchman

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