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Florence Iff


Artist Statement

In the Anthropozoic period, old and new matter merge to an unknown amalgamate through technical and biochemical interventions. Never-before-seen chemical and physical processes revolutionize our world, modify the molecular structure of earth, air and water, create new molecules, bacteria and micro-organisms that irrevocably change the body and life of human beings. As soon as a demarcation between different materials is no longer possible, elements of animate and inanimate matter increasingly mix.

For this part of my longterm project on the AnthropoceneI extended the Plastisphere (the floating plastic waste that is by now colonized by organisms and represents a new marine ecosystem) to the earth, plants and the human body, since all life is dependent on water and microplastic has recently been detected both in the spring water of the Alps and in the human intestinal tract. Thus the cycle of infection is closed and a change of the DNA structures of all organic life is foreseeable.

Since everything on earth is infused with microplastics, the pictures include scientific depictions of microbes and bacteria that have settled on plastic waste and can either transmit life-threatening diseases or decompose plastic into even smaller parts.
This body of work consists of digital collages using ancient and contemporary representations of all above mentioned subjects. I either compose settings and photograph them to later assemble them with other images or I use as primary source scanned or reproduced ancient images from the fleamarket or webbased pictures to be completed with digital elaborations.

© Florence Iff

Florence Iff's Portfolio

Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Water 1, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 20x13”
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Water 2, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 28x20”
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Water 3, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 47x24
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Plant 1, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 28x20”
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Plant 2, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 20x13”
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Plant 3, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 24x24”
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Plant 4, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 16x7”
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Body 1, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 31x16”
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Body 2, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 28x20
Florence Iff, Amalgamated Fragmentation/Plastisphere–Body 3, digital photograph/collage, 2018, 30x22

© Florence Iff

Artist Biography

First self-taught and later in art-school and ICP I developed an artistic way of working with the medium of photography. I'm interested in what the medium inhabits, what is possible and where the limits are. I often mix medias and explore boundaries of imaging combining e.g. web-based photographs with negatives.

My inspiration either comes from philosophical, political, scientific or cultural sources and it takes me usually several years to explore a subject within its wide range and levels and to accomplish work series within the topic. Since two years I work on the subject of the Anthropocene as a longterm project.


© Florence Iff

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