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Meet the Jurors

We work with leading curators to review your grant submissions. This page contains an archive of the curators who have collaborated with us on the selection of grant winners and finalists, organized by the year. Full biographies and juror statements are available on their respective pages. Curator's professional appointments listed were at the time of their work with us.

Spring 2019

Leilani Lynch
The Bass
Museum of Art

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Leilani Lynch, Curator, Bass Museum of Art, photo © BFA. Photographer: Tiffany Sage.

© BFA. Photographer: Tiffany Sage

Rachel Adams
Chief Curator &
Director of Programs

Bemis Center for
Contemporary Arts

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Portrait of Rachel Adams, Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts

Photographer: Sara Heidinger

© Mary Laube

Past Jurors

Mia Lopez
Assistant Curator
DePaul Art Museum

Full Profile

Patricia Restrepo
Assistant Curator
Contemporary Arts
Museum Houston

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Misa Jeffereis
Assistant Curator
Contemporary Art
Museum St. Louis

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Magdalyn Asimakis
Independent Curator
New York & Toronto

Full Profile

Magdalyn Asimakis Independent Curator & Writer New York & Toronto

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