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Fall 2021

This page contains an archive of the portfolios submitted by Fall 2021 grant winners and finalists.

Recipients were selected at the sole discretion of Tyler Blackwell and Caitlin Julia Rubin.

I sought to highlight innovative artists whose works reflect a clear point of view, a deft command of materials, and rigorous ideas and execution.

Tyler Blackwell

Fall 2021

Meet the Winners

$3,500 Grant Recipients

Rafael Perez Evans

London, United Kingdon

Full Profile

Jazmine Harris

Chicago, Illinois

Full Profile

$1,000 Grant Recipients

Anya Roberts-Toney

Portland, Oregon

Full Profile

Cathy Hsiao

Chicago, Illinois

Full Profile

Julia Gutman

Sydney, Australia

Full Profile

Sagarika Sundaram

New York, New York

Full Profile

In reviewing all portfolios, the strength and breadth of work submitted to The Hopper Prize was generous and impressive. Like those of the prize-winning artists, these projects demonstrate abundance within constraint, underscoring the continued importance of artistic voices in creating new avenues for dialogue, reflection, representation, and—in times when distance seems most prevalent—connection across divides.

Caitlin Julia Rubin

© Cameron Harvey

Fall 2021

Meet the Finalists

Andersen Woof

Cameron Harvey

Casey Baden

Cyriaco Lopes

Delvin Lugo

Diane Meyer

Eileen Emond

Eli Craven

Elizabeth Stanton

Gary LaPointe Jr.

Ghost of a Dream

Hannah Altman

Hannah Newman

Ian Lewandowski

Jane Margarette

Jaylen Pigford

Kacy Jung

Karen Navarro

Kriss Munsya

Leigh Merrill

Loc Huynh

Maximilian Thuemler

Nicholas Adamson

Nicole Dyer

Nour Jaouda


Rachel Cox

Ruth Lauer Manenti

Sonya Blesofsky

Tom Holmes

© Karen Navarro

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