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Nettle Grellier


Artist Statement

My work is about feeling a sense of intimacy and safety against the turbulence and disjointedness of society in today’s restless world. That’s not to say I make paintings about putting our heads in the sand, but to encourage unity and kindness and support for one another. I think a lot about romantic friendship; depicting people who are used to an affectionate physical relationship, beyond what is considered conventional in our awkward British culture.
Whilst the subjects are personal, I want them to be familiar to anyone. I use a dictionary of colour combinations as I find the limitation a useful aid in keeping the figures from becoming too heavy and overworked. I like the bodies to fill the canvas and have bare feet and hands doing gentle tasks: absorbed figures who are comfortable in the close presence of the other subjects.

© Nettle Grellier

Nettle Grellier's Portfolio

Nettle Grellier, 'Take me to the new' oil on canvas, 105x120cm, February 2019
Nettle Grellier, 'Take me to the new' oil on canvas, 105x120cm, February 2019
Nettle Grellier, 'Easy Peelers' Oil on canvas, 92x74.5cm, November 2018
Nettle Grellier, 'Most evenings we go to bed early and listen to Harry Potter, but this one was special because there was a Blood Super Wolf Moon.' Oil on canvas, 110x90cm, January 2019
Nettle Grellier, 'Rustic Spanish bushes' oil on canvas, 64x50cm, January 2019
Nettle Grellier, 'You me and my melon' oil on canvas, 60x50cm February 2019
Nettle Grellier, 'Where the quiet is' oil on canvas, 118x100cm, February 2019
Nettle Grellier, 'The closer you get' oil on canvas, 140x100cm, March 2019
Nettle Grellier, 'Pearl Whipkill' oil on canvas, 55.5x50cm, March 2019
Nettle Grellier, 'Take me there' oil on canvas, 60x47cm, March 2019

© Nettle Grellier

Artist Biography

Foundation Diploma, Kingston University. 2011-2012
BA Hons, Fine Art Painting, University Of Brighton. 2012- 2015

​Ffin y Parc Gallery Winter Exhibition, 9th-23rd December 2018 and then re-opening 23rd-30th January 2019
Far & Wild, Battersea Affordable Art Fair, stand D10, 6th - 10th March 2019
'Easy Peelers' Solo Exhibition at ThatArt Gallery, Bristol, March 14th-April 6th 2019
Delphian Open Call 2019 Group Exhibition at Delphian Gallery, London. Opens March 28th 2019
CANVASS Artist Talk April 6th 10-11.30, Select Connect, Stroud. Booking essential, for more information contact info@sitselect.org
Far & Wild, Hampstead Affordable Art Fair, stand C6, 8th - 12th May 2019
Josie Eastwood Fine Art Spring show 2019: Colour. 2nd-18th May 2019
Group Exhibition with Unit London, July 2019, more information to come

'Bottom Drawer' Group Show in London curated by Chica Seal, April 2018
Nettle Grellier & Hal Messel, Pygmalion Fine Art, Chelsea, London May 2018
Ffin y Parc Gallery Winter Exhibition, 9th-23rd December 2018

Nettle Grellier and George Lloyd-Jones at the Malt House, Stroud. 28th January - 16th April 2017
Los Artistas del Cortijo. An artist-run residency (run by Nettle Grellier and George Lloyd-Jones) with an emphasis on community and affordability for emerging artists. Granada, Spain. April-September 2017

Bad Art - Pearls and Bones Studios, London. Group Show. 13th-15th May 2016
ZIGZAG Paintings from a Travelling Studio - show with George Lloyd-Jones at UntitledBCN, Barcelona, 4th-15th June 2016
Before we get old - UntitledBCN, Barcelona. Group Show 30th September-14th October 2016
Drawings at The Hampshire Hog, Shepherds Bush, alongside Artist (and Mother) Nicola Grellier, December 2016

Four Chairs - Lewes House, Lewes. Group Show. 16th-18th January 2015
The West Hill, Brighton. Group Show. Ongoing
Exhibition #2 - Gallery 31, Brighton, Group Show. 2nd-27th April 2015
Brighton open House at Gallery 31, throughout May. Central trail: http://www.aoh.org.uk/may-2015-festival-trails?item=168&trail=cbthree3
MADE IT - Brighton university Degree show, 5th-19th June 2015
Nettle Grellier Solo show at Line Gallery, Stroud, 14th-19th August 2015
Nettle Grellier and George Lloyd-Jones at the Ale House, Stroud, August 2015-January

Parade - Grand Parade, Brighton. Group Show. February 2014
BoardRoom - InfraRed, London. Group Show. May 2014
Black and White and Other Colours - The Stroud Valley Artspace, Stroud. Group Show. 4th - 7th July 2014
Over and Out - West Ox Arts Gallery, Bampton. Group Show. 30th August - 21st September 2014
A re-run of 'Black and White and Other Colours' - The Ale House, Stroud. September - November 2014

Argos - New Palace Pier Gallery, Brighton. Group Show. May 2013
Art at Home, Brighton Arts Club, Brighton. Group Show, 2013



© Nettle Grellier

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