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Phoebe Osborne

New York

Artist Statement

I work with images, composed and anchored in the dynamism of performance. Live art has been the professional and personal cornerstone of my life for over a decade and I consider the body the primary tool of transmission, existing as the means, the site of departure, and the arrival point in my creative practice.

I employ performance, video, sculpture, and sound as means to think about the relationship of bodies and environments in their imminent negotiations.
In my practice, I map out and contextualize embodied exchange and possibilities of kinship amongst troubled space, combining the physical with historical and philosophical research to create visual entanglements of bodies and objects active within time. My current process explores enmeshment as an essential part of participating and thriving within the largely monstrous state of the world. Through physical practices of spinning, clapping, building, extreme slowness, and intentional ‘flaking’, I am currently uncovering how my concerns manifest somatically, in relation to other bodies and shifting terrains. I also spend time feeding pigeons, transmitting frequencies on the radio, and observing environments during dawn and dusk. My drive is to reconsider histories and futures through non-linear speculative storytelling to create works that resound with embodiments of psychic plasticity, nature, extensions of the physical, and participation in the social.

The eyes of the pigeon, sitting atop the spine on either side of the brain, undulating with the head upon each step, resolving two different images/locations (one view from each eye) into one.

Perhaps history is as the pigeons, their wings clapping, flashing winds of information into vortexes suspending time and space. An energetic force even amongst wreckage and death and smashed wholeness and storms of our earthly paradise.

Language- communication and connection rather than culture and nation. The language of flaking on culture and nation while letting it’s wreckage be a place for communication, provocation, and care.

Tentacular winged extensions, connecting us from all points in this wild and vast city.

I want to live amongst the wreckage with you

I want to sit in nutrient
dense shit and concrete ruins with others
like the pigeons do.

© Phoebe Osborne

Phoebe Osborne's Portfolio

Phoebe Osborne, After The Fire, 2018, video, ort 16:29
Phoebe Osborne, Coyote, 2016, video, ort 22:15 mins
Phoebe Osborne, Manual, 2016, video, ort 7:16 mins
Phoebe Osborne, Flake, 2017, performance, ort 180 mins
Phoebe Osborne, Lion!, 2018 performance, ort 25 mins
Phoebe Osborne, Sustained Decay, 2018, sculpture
Phoebe Osborne, Sustained Decay, 2018, sculpture
Phoebe Osborne
Phoebe Osborne, Solarium, 2016, video, ort 22:15 mins
Phoebe Osborne

© Phoebe Osborne

Artist Biography

Phoebe Osborne (b. 1984) is a choreographer and visual artist based in New York, NY. Osborne’s works have been presented across the US and Europe, including commissioned performances at Transmediale Berlin, La Caldera Barcelona, SFMoMA and Oakland Museum of California. They have exhibited at City Limits Gallery (Oakland), False Flag (Long Island City), Southern Exposure (San Francisco), and SOMArts (San Francisco). Osborne was a 2017 recipient of the DanceWEB scholarship as a resident artist at Impulstanz in Vienna. Graduating from Columbia’s Visual Arts MFA program this May, they are a current artist in the DAS Choreography Program at the Amsterdam University of Arts.



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