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Kay Ford

Fort Worth, Texas

Artist Statement

My work involves narrating moments of the human experience and displaying how that exploratory journey of the experience shifts in numerous aspects. I show these changes by using various methods of application of mixed media.

Like the hero’s voyage, an individual’s life is full of exploit. In the sum of days, there is victory or defeat, there are moments of crisis, there are decisions, and there are outcomes that alter perception and life. My narrative work depicts these ever-turning moments that influence a person’s character.

Story telling motivates my work: stories bind us to a commonality and teach us about the world in which we live. I intend to bring people closer to identifying with another’s plight and spur the imagination in regards to how many paths a life can navigate. These shared navigations can be informative, altering, and/or rejuvenating.
The collage process is a helpful tool in my artistic accounts. Though my background deals with mostly drawing, I have found collage and mixed media the best way for me to represent the images I want to build. Fabric and paper, arranged in systematic ways, provide a lush and textured voice for me to speak. Yarn painting and oil pastels allow me to establish decorative plots. In many ways building these abstractions in some areas of my picture plane grant me the privilege to choose to hide or reveal moments of a narrative as I wish.

I want my work to continually commune with the audience, to spark questions, evoke a memory, or revive old stories of inspiration.

© Kay Ford

Kay Ford's Portfolio

© Kay Ford

Artist Biography

Kay Ford is an artist based in Fort Worth, Texas.

© Kay Ford

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