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Pedro Troncoso

Bronx, New York

Artist Statement

Regardless of art being passively present as a kid, I ended up studying aviation. While dealing with this stereotypical decision, my honesty, intuition, and spontaneity from childhood were deteriorating. Since I quit aviation and moved to the U.S, my work questions cultural roles, stereotypes, and identity uncertainties. I explore in a fantasy world whatever remains of my genuine self while I “grow up” and adapt to society. Incorporating the only toy remaining in adulthood: imagination.

Mainly inspired by childhood memories such as cartoons, music, toys, etc., I paint colorful self-portraits or imagined alter egos inhabiting dark intimate interior spaces. Like my room, where ironically, I overthink about the external real-world anxieties such as acceptance, gender roles, and self-image. Through fragmentation and deconstruction of the figure, I build ironic and contradictory passages representing my discomfort and joy as an adult. Also reminding me how our identity is distorted and threatened by social standards as we age, such as the metaphorical masks we wear in order to fit within the norm and expectations. Repeatedly making me wonder: what does it even mean to be my real self at this point?

© Pedro Troncoso

Pedro Troncoso's Portfolio

© Pedro Troncoso

Artist Biography

Pedro Troncoso (b. 1996, Dominican Republic), a visual artist based in New York. Troncoso started studying aviation, an intriguing career, yet it seemed to trap him into a box. After abandoning it to get immersed into the arts, his paintings explore how stereotypes, expectations, and social norms affect our identity as adults. He obtained his BFA in Illustration at Parsons School of Design (2018) as a transfer student from Altos de Chavón La Escuela de Diseño (2016), Dominican Republic. His notable participations include the 29th Biennial in the Dominican Republic, AXA Art Prize, scholarships, and shows in Los Angeles, New Jersey, and New York. Troncoso is currently pursuing his MFA in Fine Arts at The New York Academy of Art.



© Pedro Troncoso

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