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Brenda Stumpf

Aurora, Colorado

Artist Statement

Archetypal and symbolic, this work is a reflection of the artist’s journey after several life-altering occurrences in 2020, which lead to deep and somber introspection about memory, loss, loneliness, aging, and ultimately, death.

To create the ink transfer imagery, the artist bought tiny black and white photographs from a second-hand store, and then scrawled and scratched into the faces and backgrounds with a razor blade. These altered photographs were then digitally captured, laser printed in small sections, and transferred with a gel medium onto plexiglass that had been mounted to wood panels. Light passing through the semi transparent image and clear acrylic sheets creates a milky looking surface invoking a dream-like or apparitional quality to the lacerated and obscured figures.

The title For a Time They Took Pleasure There comes from a line in The Book of Poverty and Death, which is the third book in Rainer Maria Rilke’s Book of Hours.

© Brenda Stumpf

Brenda Stumpf's Portfolio

© Brenda Stumpf

Artist Biography

Brenda Stumpf was born in 1972 in Parma, Ohio. She is a self-taught contemporary mixed media artist who began exhibiting her work during the mid-1990s. She has been recognized for her use of unorthodox materials interwoven with highly personal and evocative subject matter. Stumpf’s paintings, sculpture, and works on paper have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including The Westmoreland Museum of American Art, The Butler Institute of American Art, The Littleton Museum, The Strohl Art Center, Pittsburgh Glass Center, and The Outsider Art Fair. The artist’s work has been juried into numerous exhibits by the likes of Jerry Saltz, senior art critic and columnist for New York Magazine and Christoph Heinrich, Director of the Denver Art Museum. There are numerous online interviews, podcasts, television appearances of Stumpf discussing her art, as well as printed features of her art in newspapers and magazines including The Denver Post, The Plain Dealer, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Studio Visit Magazine, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, and recently Southwest Contemporary. Designers, architects, institutions, and private clients have commissioned Stumpf to create signature works, and to date, her art resides in over 350 private collections throughout the United States and abroad. The artist currently lives and works near Denver, Colorado.



© Brenda Stumpf

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