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Ruti De Vries

Tel Aviv, Israel

Artist Statement

I like to think of my practice as an ever-expanding spiral, incessantly gathering new motives and materials to form an enigmatic mythology that keeps haunting my works, drawing equally from ancient, folk, and outsider art, as from the worlds of fashion, puppetry, and theater. Over the years, I have established an intricate lexicon of images, materials, themes, and meanings, to which I keep returning and adding. In this personal cosmology, distinctions between the human and the animal, feminine and masculine, organic and artificial, dissolve.

My makeshift flimsy sculptures and collages are made from cheap and often recycled materials: nylon bags, laces, simple textile, used-up plywood, worn down furniture, cheap paper, sand, leaves, etc. The sculptures offer a shell of a structure, an eviscerated presence. These bric-à-brac taxidermies populate stage-like and fragmented environments, where time seems to have frozen just in the midst of things, leaving us with a silent choreography of suspended gestures and charged feelings. The figures remain entirely absorbed in their motionless activities, oblivious to the presence of the viewer, who becomes an intruder in a fabled land.

I work quickly and intuitively, letting my hands lead the way in the studio, oscillating between obsessive laboring and immediate expressiveness. I like to think of my versatile practice — which moves naturally from weaving and sewing to computer animation — in terms of channels of action, each with its own rhythm and inner logic. Sometimes I feel myself like a channel, surrendering to the pulse of my body, to the tempo of my hands. It is this corporeal energy that I try to pass on to my objects, imbuing them with a directness and rawness that strikes the viewer at first sight.

Through the use of different crafts, I explore issues of gender, labor, and creative hierarchies, as well as the structures of kitsch, melodrama, and “bad taste”. Ornamentation, patterns, symmetry, repetition, all highly characteristic of craft, take center stage in my work, and contribute to a constant tension between two-dimensionality and volume, between the graphic and the sculptural, signs and presence.

I experience my art as an intimate and intrinsic expression of my personal life, the occurrences happening in my intimate surroundings, parents, partner, friends, students. I perceive the conduct of art making and its outcome as a direct echo of my private experiences. I even look for it, challenge myself within the art making and mirroring sometimes hurtful or devastating encounters.

© Ruti De Vries

Ruti De Vries's Portfolio

© Ruti De Vries

Artist Biography

Ruti de Vries, CV
2013-2015 MFA studies, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Tel Aviv, IL
2014 Exchange Programme, Atelier Pascal-Marthine Tayou - Beaux-Arts Paris, FR
2008-2012 B.Ed in Education and Fine Arts, Hamidrasha – School of Art, Beit Berl, IL
Solo Exhibitions
2021 FATHER EARTH MOTHER SKY, PRÁM Studio, Prague, CZ. Curator: Šárka Basjuk Koudelová
2021 OMBRE REGARDANT LE SOLEIL, The French Institute, Tel Aviv, IL
2019 HEAVY SADNESS, Sha’ar Haamakim gallery, Sha’ar Haamakim, IL. Curator: Ruth Oppenheim
2019 I SAW A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THE STREET, ONE OF THEM ASKED ME WHAT TIME IT WAS, The Herzliya Artists’ Residence, IL. Curator: Tali Ben Nun
2018 Koma 6 internet exhibition. Curator: Michal Ben Yaakov
2018 FIRST ACT: EVIL FLUFFY, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, FR. Curator: Charles Garcin
2018 FOLDED FOLD OF A HANDING HAND, Schimmel Projects - Art Centre Dresden, DE
2017 WILD HEART , HaKibbutz gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Yael Kini
2015 EVERYTHING I WANTED TO TELL YOU, MFA Final exhibition, IL. Curator: Nicola Trezzi
2014 AH! , Hahanut Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Alina Deckel
2013 TRUTH IS RED YOU ARE BLUE, ‘Artist-Shelter’, Shelter project, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Hila Cohen- Schneiderman
2013 HOLE, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Boaz Arad
2012 EVENT HALL , BA Final Exhibition. Beit Berl, Hamidrasha – School of Art, IL
2022 Untitled, show with artist Lior Shachar, The Lobby Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL (upcoming)
2021 CIRCULAR FORM IS ALWAYS THE STRONGEST, Collaboration with Goni Riskin and Shahar Yahalom, Studio Bank Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL.
2017 BATTLE REHEARSALS, collaboration with artist Luciana Kaplun, Dana Gallery, Yad Mordechai, IL. Curator: Ravit Harari
2015 BLACK LENTILS ,Sound Installation, Collaboration with Or Rimer, STA Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL
Group Exhibitions
2021 Skein, Tel Aviv Museum, IL. Curator: Dalit Matatyahu
2021 A Storm in a Teacup: Issachar Ber Ryback in Dialogue, Moby Bat Yam Museum, IL. Curators: Naama Arad, Hila Cohen- Schneiderman
2021 Pareidolia, Parterre, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Roy Brand
2021 Now Open, Collaboration with Luciana Kaplun, Petach Tikva Museum, IL. Curator: Or Tshuva
2020 The Return of The Returnees, Musrara Mix Nano Festival, Collaboration with artists Luciana Kaplun and Zohar Shafir, Jerusalem, IL
2020 Fresh Paint Online edition
2020 SYSTEM_FAILURE, PCP Gallery, Paris, FR. Curator: Noam Alon
2020 BIG IN MINSHAR, Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Mika Milgrom
2019 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN Independence Park, Tel Aviv, IL. Curators: Naama Arad & Ishai Shapira Kalter
2019 MONEY IN THE POCKET, Krakers - Krakow Art Week, Plac Nowy, Kraków, PL. Curator: Klaudia Opoka
2018 ZUMU, Portable Museum, Arad, IL. Curator: Ofra Harnam
2018 BETWEEN WALLS, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Gal Ataia
2017 WE HEREBY DECLARE, Moby Bat Yam Museum, IL. Curator: Joshua Simon
2017 TLVinLDN Festival, London, UK. Curators: Ori Gersht and Marie Shek
2017 CHERRIES, Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Boaz Arad
2016 The 6th National Drawing Biennale, Jerusalem, IL. Curators: Sally Haftel Naveh and Edna Moshenson
2016 PINOCCHIO›S HEART, Zimmer, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Yonatan Geron
2016 PENNISULA, Hadar Car Park, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Roni Hajaj
2016 GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN, Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem, IL. Curator: Ayala Landow
2016 ALLEGORIES OF THE PRESENT, Artists House, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Irena Gordon
2015 THE WEDDING, Gabirol Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curators: Tamar Katz and Omer Goldman
2015 AWARDS , Hahanut Gallery, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Hadas Shalem
2015 MINI GOLF, MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam, Bat Yam, IL. Curators: Elad Rosen, Joshua Simon
2015 CUT OUT LINE, City Gallery Kfar Saba, IL. Curator: Meira Pri Lehman
2015 KANNER HOUSE, Rishon Letzion, IL. Curator: Galit Semel
2015 CUT OUTS, Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod, IL. Curator: Raya Somer Tal
2014 EXPOSITION PORTAGE, Ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux Arts, Paris, FR. Curator: Célia Coëtte
2014 ASONOLOGIA, 24h project, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, IL. Curator: Hila Cohen-Schneiderman
2014 RISING STAR Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, IL. Curator: Dalia Levin
2012 BLACK BOX, ‘Manofim’ project, Jerusalem, IL. Curator: Ruth Patir
2012 BREATHING CONCRETE, Kibbutz Galuyot 45, Tel Aviv, IL. Curator: Karmit Galili
2021 Calendar 2022 collaboration, Compost Magazine, Tel Aviv museum
2021 A Wall in The City, Tel Aviv Municipality, IL. Curator: Edna Mosenson
2021 Wall Painting, Tel Aviv Municipality, IL
2019 AFFLATUS, Koma 6 internet exhibition. Curator: Michal Ben Yaakov
2017 - Present - yearly calendar creation and publishing
Awards & Grants
2019 Grant for an exhibition, The Israeli Lottery Council
2019 The Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation Grant
2018 Grant for a residency, The Israeli Lottery Council
2018 Grant for a residency, The French Institute in Israel
2017 Grant for exhibition, Tel Aviv city council and Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation
2017 The Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation Grant
2016 Young Artist Prize, Ministry of Culture
2015 The Yehoshua Rabinowitz Foundation Grant
2012 Raffi Lavi Award for Distinction in Studies of Art. Beit Berl, Hamidrasha – School of Art
2011 Distinction Scholarship in Art. Beit Berl, Hamidrasha – School of Art
Residencies and Workshops
2022 Riddergade Air, Viborg, DK (upcoming)
2021 PRÁM Studio, Prague, CZ
2021 Brno House of Arts, CZ
2018 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, FR
2016 Artist Career Development Program Workshop, Artis, Artport Tel Aviv and Asylum Arts
New York
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Private Collections
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Ofluxo, September 2021
Kuba Paris, September 2021
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Haaretz, July 2021
Portfolio, May 2021
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Portfolio, December 2020
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Kuba Paris, April 2019
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Basis Magazine, May 2016
The Jerusalem Post. July 2015
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Haaretz, August 2014
Haaretz, August 2014
Interview Magazine, August 2014
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Harama Magazine, May 2013
Relevant Experience
Since 2013 - ongoing Teaching art, children and adolescents; BA workshop, Bezalel Academy of Art , Jerusalem, Minshar School of Art, Musrara Art School, Gifted Children Centers
Since 2014 - ongoing Graphic Design - freelance and employee
Since 2013 - ongoing Events Curator - Rough: Art Sale (Summer 2014), Rough 2: Art Sale (Summer 2013), Har Sinay, Tel Aviv.



© Ruti De Vries

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