© Amorelle Jacox

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Amorelle Jacox

New York, New York

Artist Statement

Amorelle Jacox’s paintings are born out of a profound sense of cosmic free-fall. Tables and black holes hover in a realm where slippage between figure and object and space probes questions about the limits of body and knowledge. Where metaphor pries open depths of metaphysical inquiry; and amorphous ellipses find their individual natures in relation to each other. That, with a singular brushstroke, the sky’s stomach might fold into a plate, and that plate might slip between the days.

© Amorelle Jacox

Amorelle Jacox's Portfolio

© Amorelle Jacox

Artist Biography

Amorelle Jacox is a visual artist living and working in New York City. She received her BA in Fine Arts from Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio and her MFA from Hunter College in NYC. Jacox has shown her work in Ohio, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Georgia, and Switzerland. Her works and writing have been published in Penmarks Literary Journal and Yale School of Divinity’s LETTERS journal.



© Amorelle Jacox

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