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Margi Weir

Detroit, Michigan

Artist Statement

Covid 19 affected my art practice in many ways, disrupting exhibition plans, teaching classes online and isolation, to name but a few. “Pandemic Painting Lessons” is a series that addresses the way that all my interaction with students, colleagues and friends was mediated by some device. I streamed models to students working at home. They looked at the images on their phones or tablets or computers, whatever device they had. This series bears witness to that convoluted process. Prior to the pandemic I had been working on a series about the relationship of artist's colors to political activities in the United States., "The Politics of Hue"

© Margi Weir

Margi Weir's Portfolio

© Margi Weir

Artist Biography

Margi Weir earned her MFA in painting from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA); her MA in painting from New Mexico State University; her BFA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute; and her BA in art history from Wheaton College, Massachusetts. She is currently an Associate Professor of Painting and Drawing at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.



© Margi Weir

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