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Emma Parker

Columbus, Ohio

Artist Statement

With film photography, you have the opportunity to slow down and truly focus on capturing timeless moments. Film has been used throughout our world's history and offered the global community the opportunity to develop their understanding of the world. Film has offered us the chance to build bridges and learn from others who are different from us. It is my duty as a photographer to keep film photography relevant and continue to close the gap between different cultures.

Film photography, in all expressions of art, is being able to possess the ability to express my thoughts of the world and advocate for acceptance of others. If I am able to encourage conversation, promote curiosity, and create the opportunity for understanding, I will have been able to do my part in the world. Through my film photography, my goal is to connect with others and enlighten others. It is with confidence that with this direction and mindset, I will be able to not only better myself but help grow compassion for others.

I will continute to center Trans and Non-Binary voices through visual imagery with the help of this grant. The work included is from a project called, Trans Visibility which I started in 2021. Thus far, I have photographed over 26 individuals and hope to continue with the help of the The Hopper Prize grant.

© Emma Parker

Emma Parker's Portfolio

© Emma Parker

Artist Biography

I aspire to document individuals within communities as well as the culture and vibe that is presented in certain areas. As a woman photographer, I am constantly needing to stay in the forefront as a photographer. This is accomplished by being a lifelong learner. I am at the point in my career where I need to learn from the best and to do that, I need to continue to push myself. My professional career as a photographer is ever-evolving. I work closely with other creatives to provoke emotion, challenge myself, and strive for mastering photography. Receiving public grant dollars will impact me vastly. The funds will help me reach a broader audience through my art and allow me to work closely with different subjects while photographing them.

Emma Parker is a woman-owned LGBTQIA+ photographer in Columbus, Ohio. Emma has her Masters in Education from The Ohio State University and a photography studio located at 1561 N 4th street, Columbus Ohio.



© Emma Parker

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