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B. Chehayeb


Artist Statement

With painting, drawings and writings, I practice imagining the liminal space between consciousness, memories and present moments. My interests are in the fallibility of childhood memory, my mexican-american ancestral narratives, and their effects on the response to visual information and story-telling.

With just paint, these ideas naturally evolve into abstractions. Several images and writings partner to develop a dialogue that is primarily concerned with nostalgia’s mysterious and transfiguring power. The work functions as a bridge between my academic disciplines as a writer and artist and investigates the tension in hybridizing the act of documentation and expression. In her essay ‘On keeping a notebook”, Joan Didion discusses the irrelevance of facts when recounting a moment or memory, suggesting that what is remembered is just as, if not more, valuable than what was. I look forward to the examination of time in this spirit. My paintings capture, if not the truth, the truest essence of a memory having survived the challenge of growing older.

© B. Chehayeb

B. Chehayeb's Portfolio

© B. Chehayeb

Artist Biography

B. Chehayeb is a contemporary visual artist whose work closely orbits themes of memory, identity and time. Her recent painting installations are characterized by gestural abstractions referencing the histories of people, places and sounds. Chehayeb received her BFA from the University of North Texas and is currently a working artist in Boston, Massachusetts completing her MFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Her paintings, drawings and assemblage pieces are in numerous private collections and publications across the the country.



© B. Chehayeb

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