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Yi To


Artist Statement

My art practice orbits around fundamental human experiences, particularly the universal craving and imagination for answers to the unknown, often pursued in the name of spirituality, the sublime, the so called truth or even evidence-based science, just as seeking light in the dark. Layering unscripted images by using diluted oil paint allows me to capture the reactive dynamics between the ephemeral presence and the fundamental longing for answers shared by humanity across history. In the images, I’m also trying to explore the kind of intimate and complementary relationship where figuration and abstraction are in tune which might be a door to possibilities beyond the spatial-temporal world.

I am also interested in the materiality in paintings - the visual and consciousness-awakening power of different qualities and textures on the canvas re-establish a long-neglected resonance between ourselves and nature, particularly in the era of elevated technological and virtual societal experience where effortless and unpolished natural beauty are often rejected. I am inspired heavily by cave paintings from across the world, particularly interested in how the time washed surfaces and natural colours possess an immense power which is capable of uplifting an immediate sense of belonging in the viewer to the Mother Earth. Using specific material on the canvas, I am trying to deliver an experience of a passage of time and the quality of timelessness at the same time that can be shared by humanity across all borders. These are our forgotten connections to the natural world.

© Yi To

Yi To's Portfolio

© Yi To

Artist Biography

Yi To (b. 1995, Hong Kong) is an artist based in London.



© Yi To

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