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Elizabeth Glaessner

New York City

Artist Statement

I work with different painting processes and techniques to build on a personal mythology which draws on memory, ritual, contemporary culture, art history, cultural myths and folklore. I move between figuration and abstraction, beginning by pouring color onto the surface in order to establish a mood. I then start to work out the composition with gestural shapes and line. I keep this process open for a while to allow for unintentional marks and forms to shift whatever idea or intention I have for the painting so that the paint itself is able to communicate independently.

I refer to my drawings and works on paper as well as short poems and sentences in making the larger paintings. In this drawing and research phase, I am building a labyrinth of personal and collective voices in an effort to express the feeling or potency behind a specific pose, interaction or experience.

Simultaneously, I am working on a series of scrolls (some as collaborations with other artists and some independently) as a way of documenting ideas and creating meaning through repetition and context.

Most recently, I've been researching folklore and imagery focused on riders. From the power play between Phyllis and Aristotle to the phenomenon of "horse girl energy", I'm interested in the psychological and physical sensations that the rider experiences when assuming the dominant position but also how the position has been used in the past and present as a form of punishment and repression.

© Elizabeth Glaessner

Elizabeth Glaessner's Portfolio

© Elizabeth Glaessner

Artist Biography

Born in Palo Alto, CA and raised in Houston, TX, Elizabeth Glaessner has lived and worked in New York City since 2007.

Glaessner received her BFA from Trinity University and MFA from the New York Academy of Art where she received a post-graduate fellowship in 2013. She has had two solo shows at P.P.O.W. Gallery and her work has been exhibited at Sargent's Daughters, New Release, 1969 Gallery, Louis B. James Gallery, Lane Meyer Projects in Denver and Public Gallery in London. Her work has been reviewed in Art in America, Interview Magazine, Modern Painters and Elephant among others. She was awarded residencies at the Leipzig International Art Programme, Glogau AIR in Berlin and the Galveston Artist Residency where she is currently working through July of 2020. Glaessner is represented by P.P.O.W. Gallery.



© Elizabeth Glaessner

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