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Lynnea Holland-Weiss


Artist Statement

We are breathing bodies full of water, love and heartache. The scenes I depict focus closely on body language and highlight emotional exchanges. Unexpected colors dividing up the bodies and graphic motifs surrounding them make the inner experience tangible. I make paintings of humans embracing, faces longing, limbs reaching and shifting weight. Painting has the ability to hold a deep saturation of time. It highlights, extends and maintains the viewers engagement with a specific gesture or moment. I am interested in empathy and dissolving our ability to disassociate ourselves from one another. A hyper-awareness of body language and observing movement is at the root of my paintings. The way our limbs fold or where we hold weight is our muscle memory telling our history.

© Lynnea Holland-Weiss

Lynnea Holland-Weiss's Portfolio

© Lynnea Holland-Weiss

Artist Biography

Lynnea Holland-Weiss was born in 1990 and was raised in Berkeley and Oakland, California. She received her BFA from California College of the Arts. She currently lives and works in Cleveland, Ohio. She is represented by Galerie Sébastien Bertrand in Geneva, Switzerland.



© Lynnea Holland-Weiss

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