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Elizabeth Tremante

Los Angeles

Artist Statement

Pitting Motherhood vs. Modernism in ebullient museum misadventures is the slapstick showdown at the core of my work. Sucking viewers into a matrix of contradictions, my paintings and drawings entangle the violence of the institutions and art history with the lives of artists. A Sol Lewitt sculpture narrowly avoids a young girl’s projectile vomit, a mother struggles to interpret the severed head of Holofernes for her curious toddler, and a Morris Louis stain-painting masterpiece threatens to absorb and consume a giddy Brownie Troop. Partitions between the body and abstraction are dismantled as figures in my paintings merge and emerge from artworks depicted hanging in museums.

While unfettered children get the run of the museum, their mothers are preoccupied with how to explain (and whether to rationalize) the violence, hypocrisy and sexism in both historical and contemporary artworks, their discourses and exhibition spaces. Employing physical comedy, horror-movie tropes and comic-book action, these self-possessed paintings and drawings merge form and meaning to create visual and narrative complexities that unravel Modernism’s comfortable notions of universality.

© Elizabeth Tremante

Elizabeth Tremante's Portfolio

© Elizabeth Tremante

Artist Biography

Elizabeth Tremante is a painter from Los Angeles. She engaged in both painting collaborative performance work after graduating with a BFA in English Literature from Union College and an MFA in painting from Stanford University. While her work has always focused on women's experiences, she shifted toward making work about motherhood after her own daughter fell extremely ill for several years. As her child grew well, Tremante emerged with a new consciousness about the complexity of parents' experiences. Tremante grew up reading "Mad Magazine" with her father. Heavily influenced by comic books, political cartoons, zines and illustration; Tremante relies on humor, the absurd, and the unexpected to make work that values her own lived experience while pointing out the hypocrisies of histories and institutional structures that devalue women.



© Elizabeth Tremante

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