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Osamu Kobayashi


Artist Statement

My work is reductive and playful in form, verging on the surreal and comical. Utilizing an intuitive array of colors, shapes, and textures, I create visual dualities: fluid vs. rigid, abstract vs. figurative, warm vs. cool, large vs. small, etc. Like a good story, every element is integral to the structure of the whole. I aim for tension and mystery that never quite resolves.

© Osamu Kobayashi

Osamu Kobayashi's Portfolio

© Osamu Kobayashi

Artist Biography

Osamu Kobayashi (b. 1984, Columbia, SC) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has exhibited widely in the US and abroad including solo exhibitions at Underdonk Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, A+B Gallery in Italy, Mindy Solomon Gallery in Miami, FL. He has participated in group exhibitions at the Lissone Contemporary Art Museum, Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery at Stony Brook University, and the Columbia Museum of Art. In 2013, Kobayashi was awarded the Hassam, Speicher, Betts, and Symons Purchase Fund from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. His work has been reviewed in Hyperallergic, The Observer, and Artsy. Recently, he completed a residency in Brescia, Italy, culminating in his 4th solo exhibition with A+B Gallery.



© Osamu Kobayashi

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