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Joey Solomon


Artist Statement

In this ongoing collection of self-portraits through his own skin or others, Joey Solomon looks to acknowledge internal dissonance and copes by using photography to grasp what the symptoms of his ADHD, PTSD, anxiety and depressive disorders may look like in the various stages of his daily triumphs and emotional defeats. Interestingly, Solomon feels as though he is able to detail his experience as a human living with multiple dueling mental illnesses far better through his work, photographing externally and finding images of himself within the external. If nothing else, Solomon’s work serves to affirm a learning process in our tender and dysfunctional species.

© Joey Solomon

Joey Solomon's Portfolio

© Joey Solomon

Artist Biography

Joey Solomon (b. 1997, New York City) has been featured in The New Yorker, Aperture Gallery and MoMA PS1 among notable others. Solomon’s images serve to advocate for invisible mental highs and lows of the mentally afflicted human experience. As an openly gay man with mental disorders, Joey Solomon’s work hones in on the psychology of self through portraits of his immediate family as well as a high emphasis of self-portraiture. Solomon pulls much of his perspective from personal entanglements in recurring themes of mental and physical illnesses based on the artist’s hospitalizations. His images continue to document motifs surrounding illness, gayness, ghostly emptiness and the erosion of our Earth. If nothing else, Solomon’s work serves to affirm a learning process of our tender and dysfunctional species.

In 2019, Joey Solomon earned his BFA in Photography & Imaging from NYU’s Tisch School of The Arts. Prints of Solomon’s have been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally. Solomon is currently based in Brooklyn, New York and is seeking work.



© Joey Solomon

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