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Taylor Kibby

Los Angeles

Artist Statement

The law of conservation tells us that no energy is ever created or destroyed, it simply shifts from one form to another. Through this work I seek ways to apply this belief to space: how we both give and take space in the same breath. I seek to explore ideas of memory and narrative in connection with the way objects share space and embody identity. I’m interested in ideas of protection and self-identity: what things do we build up around ourselves and others to prevent vulnerability and how do those fragile narratives shift and morph over time to maintain their strength. The kinetic movement of this semi-rigid material speaks to the mutable nature of our systems of protection, both the strength of flexibility but also the stretching, drooping, and tears that accompany the constant shifting of identity.

© Taylor Kibby

Taylor Kibby's Portfolio

© Taylor Kibby

Artist Biography

Taylor Kibby lives and works and Los Angeles, California. She was educated at Bard College, Massachusetts before graduating with an MFA in Applied Craft and Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft. Kibby is known for her intricate, flowing stoneware sculptures, which are moulded in interlocking links of a remarkable lightness and delicacy, making them resemble woven chains. As seen in the work of Ruth Asawa or Eva Hesse, Kibby’s intricate, flowing abstract sculptures challenge traditional notions of sculpture and solidity, requiring intensive discipline and precision to create. Kibby’s interest in chain links is rooted in their potential to reflect the way objects and people occupy space in the world as well as notions of memory, identity and narrative.



© Taylor Kibby

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