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J. A. Feng

Artist Statement

My work conveys emotional narratives of transformation, vulnerability, and humor. In doing so, I relate a personal mythology to universal archetypes of the human condition, and vice versa.

The focus of my work ranges from the microscopic to the long view of cosmological history, and the space in between. There is an emphasis on a conscious presence within the image, often recurring in bulbous and droopy feminine forms which occupy psychologically charged spaces. Vibrant, quivering and atmospheric in appearance, these permeable forms and ambiguous spaces settle in a state somewhere between instability and transcendence. Color shifts hint at the invisible energy, forces and emotional spaces that occur as patterns in everyday life as well as the celestial movements of the universe. With nods to art history, cartoons and high school science class, ultimately it is a query as to humanity’s place within the universe..

The working period of a painting spans months or even years. The materiality of the painted surface progresses in tandem with the emerging imagery. Working solely additively, the accretion of countless layers of painted imagery that have been buried conveys its own history of creation.

© J. A. Feng

J. A. Feng's Portfolio

© J. A. Feng

Artist Biography

J.A. Feng (b. 1982, Champaign, IL) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She has attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and received her MFA from Boston University in 2015 and BFA from University of Illinois at Urbana in 2004. Feng most recently had a solo exhibition at 12.26 Gallery earlier this year.



© J. A. Feng

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