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Joe Hedges


Artist Statement

I explore ways conventional approaches to drawing and painting can literally and conceptually interface with new media elements, analog devices and objects. These works investigate ideas of image-making and media in the 21st century. I create opportunities to reflect both on the the history of drawing and painting--the oldest human media technologies--and the screen-based, algorithmically mediated experience of daily life today.

© Joe Hedges

Joe Hedges's Portfolio

© Joe Hedges

Artist Biography

Joe Hedges (b. 1980) is an intermedia artist who has developed an expansive practice that weaves together oil painting, new media, web art, installation and interactive happenings. His projects explore the effects of evolving media technologies on human experience. Hedges has exhibited nationally and internationally and has led community-based public art projects in Ohio, Kentucky and Washington. Hedges is currently living in Pullman, Washington. Hedges is a recent recipient of an Innovate Artist grant and a GAP Grant from Artist Trust in Seattle, WA.



© Joe Hedges

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