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Yannick Lowery


Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a current focus on paper collage. I parallel paper materials from different time periods to illustrate imagery of new realities and ideas. Primarily sourcing imagery the media uses to shape society, I explore how these images shape collective identity, and attempt to harness and redirect their intensions. My work seeks to reveal historical patterns, dissect current ideas, and tap collective premonition. Recently, the pace of time has seemed to shift dramatically. Using found paper allows me utilize it as a timestamp, a time capsule and a physical documentation of that shared experience.

© Yannick Lowery

Yannick Lowery's Portfolio

© Yannick Lowery

Artist Biography

Yannick Lowery is a native of New York City and currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. Claiming both cities as cultural and creative influences, he cites the rich diversity of their visual art histories as fuel for his own practice. Yannick attended The Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD) and Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied sculpture and graphic design, respectively. Yannick describes his current collage work as being activated by societal justice/injustice, materiality, and visions of alternate futures.



© Yannick Lowery

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