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Yannick Lowery


Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a current focus on paper collage. I parallel paper materials from different time periods to illustrate imagery of new realities and ideas. Primarily sourcing imagery the media uses to shape society, I explore how these images shape collective identity, and attempt to harness and redirect their intensions. My work seeks to reveal historical patterns, dissect current ideas, and tap collective premonition. Recently, the pace of time has seemed to shift dramatically. Using found paper allows me utilize it as a timestamp, a time capsule and a physical documentation of that shared experience.

© Yannick Lowery

Yannick Lowery's Portfolio

© Yannick Lowery

Artist Biography

Lowery’s father was born as the result of a union between a college student from Philadelphia and her Ghanaian professor during the 1960s at a city college in New York. He was told his last name "Lowery" was chosen out of the Yellow Pages when his grandfather was attempting the “American Dream” and trying to find something similar to "N' Lardi", his original Ghanaian surname. These types of stories played a large part in his upbringing and shape a large aspect of his work. Born and raised in NYC, Lowery was the only child of two fine artists and spend most of his childhood wandering art galleries with his sketch book. Studying Graphic Design at SCAD and later finishing at Columbia College in Chicago, Yannick developed a love for color theory and analog collage. He now resides in Philadelphia, PA, where he is involved in community arts development and outreach.



© Yannick Lowery

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