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David Downs


Artist Statement

I paint the cataclysm of modernity through metaphors taken from real life events. The metaphors are often interchangeable depending on the point of view taken by the viewer. An automobile, for example, might represent all we are as humans, with our modern desires, striving for greater accomplishments in an effort to conquer and control our world. Reckless speed is how we progress. The crash and explosion is the usual result of our efforts and it is beautiful as it destroys violently. When pitted against nature, fire becomes man, not the result of man’s efforts, but the incarnation of man. I might, then, confuse an image, which was at first appeared universal, by relating it to past events in my life. In this way, I form associations between these images and my own personal narrative to subtly hint at how I internally process the world around me. My intent is to create an ambiguous image that is relatable and open for interpretation, but still represents pieces of my own identity.

© David Downs

David Downs's Portfolio

© David Downs

Artist Biography

David Downs is an inter-disciplinary artist born in 1978 in St. Louis, Missouri. Currently he works in Chicago, Illinois. Since 2005 his work has been exhibited in South Bend Museum of Art, Las Manos Gallery, and Baby Blue Gallery. David is a recipient of the Chicago Artist Assistance Program Grant (2010), and a resident artist at Spudnik Press (2016). His work has also been featured in Barbed, Average Art, and WERKS magazines.



© David Downs

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