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Jessica Williams

Los Angeles

Artist Statement

My paintings blend autobiography and art history to explore subjects on the psychological edge. My scenes are drawn from lived experience to embrace a sense of magical banality, navigating contemporary dynamics, Jewish mystical imagination, and fantasy through a lens haunted by history. Intuitively constructed, my paintings are steeped in atmosphere, layering oil paint to reveal and conceal, suggesting multiple narratives. My subjects oscillate between artifice and reality, stillness and expectation, reverie and disquiet.

© Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams's Portfolio

© Jessica Williams

Artist Biography

Jessica Williams (b. 1983, Los Angeles, CA) lives and works in Los Angeles. She has a forthcoming 2021 solo exhibition at Projet Pangee (Montreal). Previous solo exhibitions have been held at SADE (Los Angeles), Galeria La Esperanza (Mexico City), and Young Art (Los Angeles).



© Jessica Williams

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