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Andersen Woof

Baltimore, Maryland

Artist Statement

The submitted paintings reflect my ongoing examination of complex emotions associated with tears and bruises. For me, they are not necessarily a sign of weakness; although crying and hurting are commonly regarded as an expression of sadness and vulnerability, I am more drawn to the mixed emotions and complicated motives behind those visible cues -- especially the strength and firmness that is contradictory to the stereotypical impression of tears and bruises. These paintings showcase a wide spectrum of my true and conflicted inner world through fictional narratives and characters -- every day I find myself dealing with joy and pain concurrently, and I know I’m not alone.

© Andersen Woof

Andersen Woof's Portfolio

© Andersen Woof

Artist Biography

Andersen Woof is a visual artist based in Baltimore. Originally trained in landscape architecture and urban design, Andersen is passionate about form-making and fascinated by the emotional impact of physical spaces. Within his work, Andersen constantly looks for ambiguous and absurd narratives that reflect humanity, and he investigates what it means for human beings to live simultaneously with joy and pain. As an Asian and gay immigrant living in the US, Andersen’s practice is also strongly influenced by his personal life journey, and he explores subjects such as solitude, relationships, fear, violence, and desire.



© Andersen Woof

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