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Maximilian Thuemler

Brooklyn, New York

Artist Statement

Maximilian Thuemler's ongoing project Born From the Limb is invested in the correlation of labor, land, and migration. Focusing on the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia, the work touches ground at a vaguely defined point of black origin in the United States. Utilizing a combination of self-portraiture, still life, and landscape imagery, the pictures filter popular culture, folklore, myth, and art history in search of fragments related to the historic and contemporary narratives surrounding our understanding of blackness within the context of Americana. By referencing and reproducing found images of regional romanticism and combining them with photographic traces of a scarred landscape, the work seeks to highlight the discrepancy of local legacies. Hereby the performative self-portraits reinvigorate a silent expanse of land with gestures derived from history's Eurocentric relationship to blackness. Thuemler's body is employed as a medium to the point of exhaustion, addressing the emblematic social and political concerns of a forgotten terrain, while considering the complexities of America's relationship to its collective past.

© Maximilian Thuemler

Maximilian Thuemler's Portfolio

© Maximilian Thuemler

Artist Biography

Maximilian Thuemler was born in Berlin, Germany and received a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design. Utilizing photography and its boundless archive, he engages the medium's uniquely complex and fraught relationship to historical narratives of power, race, and recognition. His work has appeared in Tabula Rasa Magazine, Office Magazine, Ain't Bad Magazine, and Accessible Objects among others. It is also part of the Yuko Nii Foundation Collection in Brooklyn, NY. He is the recipient of the 2020 Lucie Foundation Emerging Artist Scholarship. Recent group exhibitions include the upcoming Corona Culture at Alte Muenze in Berlin, Tabula Rasa Magazine Volume IV: Performance at Usagi NY, and Thank You, Have a Nice Day. at Galerienhaus Berlin. He is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.



© Maximilian Thuemler

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