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Rafael Perez Evans

London, United Kingdom

Artist Statement

Pérez Evans’s artworks are usually associated with questions around sculpture, rurality and conditions of the South.

Reviving shame from queer and rural communities, Evans entangles objects back to the people and lands that made them. Working as a kind of gardener and following agricultural protesters, Evans transplants, dumps and spills plants and foodstuffs into public and institutional spaces.

Drawing out evocative installations which are often charged with queer and rural anger and hope, familiar materials are employed to disorientate. At times scaled up loosing they’re docility and becoming monumental, other times stripping things down, reducing manmade readymades into bare forms which are tied back into the natural.

© Rafael Perez Evans

Rafael Perez Evans's Portfolio

© Rafael Perez Evans

Artist Biography

Rafael Pérez Evans, Spanish – Welsh (b. Málaga 1983) lives and works in London & Spain. He received both an MFA (2020) & a BA (2009) in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in London. His work has been exhibited internationally with solo-exhibitions including: Handful at The Henry Moore Institute, UK (2021), Pavo Realengo at Nogueras Blanchard Gallery, Barcelona (2017); Pararrayo at Abierto Theredoom Gallery, Madrid (2017). Two-person & group exhibitions include: Thief, Invigilate at C3A Museum, Spain (2020) ; Salvation at Saatchi Gallery (2020) ; Unpacking, Wheels at South London Gallery & Leeds Art Gallery, UK (2019); The Devil’s Bird – Ornithomancy at Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei (2019) ; L’Dounne – Divination at Matadero, Madrid (2018) & Queima at Despina, Rio de Janeiro (2015).



© Rafael Perez Evans

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