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Nour Jaouda

London & Cairo

Artist Statement

Through painting, textile design and installation art, Nour explores issues of cultural mobility and the aesthetics of migration. By constructing and de-constructing cultural motifs, found images and historical references, she attempts to challenge conventional ideas of identity formation and its volatile narratives of time, place and belonging. Her practice takes shape through a deconstructive process of making and unmaking, where everything is fragmentary, incomplete and constantly evolving.

Her work evokes issues of movement and the politics of cultural amnesia. Through material deconstruction and the reinterpretation of traditional craftsmanship, she fractures narratives to elicit meaning. Meaning, in this case, relies on the process-bound event of its deconstruction, where the act of undoing and unbuilding becomes an addition rather negation to the work. She seeks a form of creation that is manifested not through a fixed representational engagement with material, but rather through a transient ever-changing process of becoming.

In these textural compositions, Nour layers personal and collective memory in an attempt to narrativise the migratory experience and explore the liminal space between here and there, and the familiar and strange.

© Nour Jaouda

Nour Jaouda's Portfolio

© Nour Jaouda

Artist Biography

Nour Jaouda is a Libyan artist, based in London and Cairo.



© Nour Jaouda

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