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Hannah Newman

Portland, Oregon

Artist Statement

My work grounds digital processes, devices, and experiences in their physical and material origins–lending mass, body, and substance to the virtual. To investigate how humans, digital technologies, and landscapes mutually shape one another, I design immersive sculptures and experiences that incorporate rocks (found and made), smartphones, video, text, and sound.

Within my practice, the internet acts as a geologic force, moving and dispersing materials and goods as I gather rocks, phones, minerals, and more for my work through google, ebay, and amazon, etc. My work examines the human and material experiences behind this network of circulation. Ancient and contemporary timescales overlap as rocks sell “used” on ebay and smartphones are powered by finite mineral sources formed eons ago.

By placing seemingly disparate materials in conversation, objects refuse categorization and join a common spectrum. No longer opposites–nature, technology, and humans form interdependent bodies and partnerships that offer strategies for mutual understanding, resilience, and play.
New, craggy landscapes emerge, powered by the hum of soft bodies and hardware.

© Hannah Newman

Hannah Newman's Portfolio

© Hannah Newman

Artist Biography

Hannah Newman is an interdisciplinary artist reuniting digital technologies and experiences with their physical, emotional, and material sources. She has exhibited with galleries and artist-run spaces across the U.S. and is a co-founder of the collective WAVE Contemporary. Based in Portland OR, Newman received a Master of Fine Arts from Oregon College of Art and Craft and a B.S in Ceramics and Fine Arts from Indiana Wesleyan University.



© Hannah Newman

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