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Delvin Lugo

New York, New York

Artist Statement

Delvin Lugo’s painting series “Early Life in Neon” is informed by the experience of growing-up as an effeminate boy in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Using old family photos as the basis for this series, he reanimates the past in order to reveal his innate sissiness. It is a celebration of the bold spirit that refuses to conform to gender appropriate behavior and activities.

Resourcefulness and improvisation were intertwined with his earliest expressions of identity as a gay boy interested in fashion and the fabulous. So wearing one of his mother’s earrings, creating a doll out of found doll parts combined with a dish soap bottle for a body, as well as placing himself as the center of attention at a Quinceañera party are celebrated here. Highlighting the retrospectively humorous elements of these early expressions is also essential in this series. Years before Lugo (or his family members) learned to speak English his favorite t-shirt bore the slogan “Bitch, Bitch, Bitch” as it is proudly featured here

This bold approach to life is manifested and amplified through use of vibrant and fluorescent colors. To accentuate the spirit of playfulness, these paintings are meant to be experienced with a black light. In any light, though, they transcend delight, resilience, and tenacious joy.

© Delvin Lugo

Delvin Lugo's Portfolio

© Delvin Lugo

Artist Biography

Delvin Lugo was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Providence, RI in 1990 at the age of twelve. He attended Maine College of Art where he studied art foundation for two years before moving to NYC to complete his studies in film at the School of Visual Arts.

Upon completing art school, fashion styling became his creative outlet. Being surrounded by many creative designers inspired him to create and paint again. He currently resides in New York City.



© Delvin Lugo

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