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Jaylen Pigford

Jaylen Pigford on developing a passion for art from an early age, making work for an upcoming solo exhibition, & finding inspiration in life experiences.

How did you get into making art?

I became interested in creating at an early age. At around five years old, I began drawing everything in sight. Constantly drawing and practicing. Over time, it became a passion of mine and a huge part of my life. It was a hobby of mine and something that I did for myself on my personal time. Eventually, i was able to turn my passion into a career.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a series of about 10 acrylic paintings for an upcoming solo exhibition.

I became interested in creating at an early age.

Jaylen Pigford

What inspired you to get started on this body of work?

What inspires me the most when it comes to creating is my own life experiences. Dreams, things that I have witnessed, certain feelings and ideas are all topics that I enjoy painting about and is what I plan to speak about with this new series of work.

Do you work on distinct projects or do you take a broader approach to your practice?

I tend to work on distinct and individual projects. Most of my ideas come to mind randomly and I like to begin working on the ideas that I love most right away. For me personally, it is best let new ideas come to me. To go with the flow and try not to force anything.

What’s a typical day like in your studio?

A typical day in the studio for me starts early in the morning. Some early morning stretching with some coffee before I begin my day. It is very hard for me to step away from the canvas once I get started so usually I will work from about 9 am to about 10 pm. I do like to entertain myself throughout the day with music, podcast and documentaries.

Who are your favorite artists?

My favorite artist are Frida Kahlo , Salvador Dali , Rene Magritte , Pablo Picasso and Jean Michel Basquiat

Where do you go to discover new artists?

To discover new artist I love going to art museums. I am more fascinated with the traditional style of art so i gravitate towards the older collections of museums. The artist might not be new artist but are artist that are new to me. I do love going to gallery exhibitions to discover new artist as well.

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