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Shamwilu Ahmed

Montreal, Quebec

Artist Statement

The title of the work stems from the range of the lens used in taking these shots. The name is befitting as the images documents the lives of a range of under and working class people during a travel between Senegal and Nigeria. The work captures the shape and form these individuals bring to their daily activities. As one familiar with the social stratification in West Africa, these shapes and forms are very different with what might be seen in the daily activities of the middle class.

This work is further continued in a series titled Blend If? with Photographer Daniel Effah that takes a strong views on social and cultural issues in the form of culture assimilated into Western society. In the course of holding on to our identity the tendency to see others as less than ourselves resulting from a lack shared values becomes clear. In order to humanize ourselves in the face of this harsh reality some ponder in the format below;

 Would I blend in better if….

* I took of my mask?
* I lost my accent?
* I changed my skin tone?

This series should fuel discussion on proper cultural assimilation without a loss of generality in the space (place/country) of interest.

© Shamwilu Ahmed

Shamwilu Ahmed's Portfolio


© Shamwilu Ahmed

Artist Biography

ODD ONES is an innovative illustration group for projects in photographic narration, technology, poetry and storytelling with artists and engineers Sham Ahmed, Fabrice anon, Suleimi Ahmed and Jamal Ibrahim.

Shamwilu Ahmed was born and raised in Nigeria, Kaduna. He received a Bachelor’s from Carleton The University, Canada and completed a Masters of Engineering at McGill University, Canada. Currently based in Montreal. He has exhibited in alternative spaces, galleries and Universities in Canada such as Daniel Spectrum, OCAD University, Ottawa Art Gallery and Sawubona Project.

Sham works on projects along side the collective ODD ONES in photographic narration, poetry and storytelling with respect to cultural assimilation, awareness and technology



© Shamwilu Ahmed

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