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Astakhova Nastia

Berlin, Germany

Artist Statement

Moscow-born, Berlin-based artist, in her practice, represents the human's vulnerability in society, different states of mind of the person in various situations, and their interactions with an environment and other people. The subject matter of her art is a human, but that is less representation of the real people, than characters that convey different mental and physical states.

Her recent works constitute the fragments of the subjects as cropped pictures, which are intended to convey different ways of perception of life at specific moments. Private moments of silence, peace, and staying right now and right here, feeling yourself most alive. The moments of midday heat and languid calm or when you had a long, very full day and feel exhausted in the good sense of the word.

Her works may be considered as examples of still life, but today these signs of still life, everyday life, routine take a new meaning of ordinary daily life as a peaceful life.

Working with colors and volumes, Nastia portrays human figures as if they stiffened at the moment, and the viewer has unlimited time to look at them to see them. There are no superfluous gestures, compositional elements, or too bright colors in her works. The palette of the colors in the paintings is moderate and muffled.

“I’d like to give people this opportunity not to run, to stay, and to see who are around you. To share the way I see the people and to capture it on canvas – this is my way to catch time by the tail”.

© Astakhova Nastia

Astakhova Nastia's Portfolio

© Astakhova Nastia

Artist Biography

Astakhova Nastia, born in Moscow in 1992, currently based in Berlin, Germany.



© Astakhova Nastia

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