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Yuval Pudik

New York, NY

Artist Statement

I am multimedia artist and my work stems from a long-held drawing practice that prioritizes intimacy, simplicity, and accessibility when examining how the histories and mythologies that inform our present take shape. Growing up in Israel, and subsequently moving between Paris, New York, and Los Angeles, I found drawing to not only be my preferred medium since a young age, but also one that could be easily packed up and taken on the go as a sort of peripatetic studio. My practice has, however, expanded in recent years to break out of the medium’s two-dimensional constraints.

As a queer man and Jewish-born foreigner, I do not feel a kinship with any extant art historical lineages. Instead, foreignness has come to define my position as an interloper amongst the traditions of others. To expand my visual lexicon and move my drawings away from the wall and into the space of viewer, I have begun to employ found imagery, spray paint—purposefully distinct from traditional painting techniques—as well as more sculptural modes of presentation. The installations that result, can be exemplified by Kanada (2018?), a pile of 200 or more books that I’ve wrapped in vintage gay porn, and spray painted pink so that only a small circle of the underlying image appears; and Fugued (2021-), a sculptural transcription of the various translations of Paul Celan’s poem Death Fugue, for which I write each word on a piece of paper, shapes it into a hollow box, and places it next to adjoining words in a horizontal plaster container, effectively forming the lines of the poem that are then stacked one atop the other.

These ongoing projects, though rooted in a meticulous drawing practice, engage and respond to the space in which they are presented while also encapsulating some of the themes that recur throughout my work. As Fugued draws upon the work of a French poet who wrote in German while living abroad, it reflects something of my own cultural position and poses a consideration of the ways in which languages collide, fracture, and may or may not mirror one another through translation. Kanada, alternatively—which references the eponymous Nazi barracks in Auschwitz where personal belongings of value were sorted and one of the few places where prisoners sent to perform this labor were more likely to survive—speaks to the way that society collectively pours a torrent of intense feeling into certain historical events, effectively obscuring the very scope and nuance of those histories, and leading to a far more myopic understanding of our past and present.

My practice is, on the whole, informed by a reckoning with cultural histories, both personal and societal. Having discarded my Jewish identity, it persists as a phantom with which I am in constant conversation. Having embraced my position as a foreigner and queer man, I have discovered that such dislocation actually engenders a heightened degree of experimentation, and a freedom to choose which languages or aesthetics are my own. As a result, I have developed a highly distinct visual vocabulary, through which I mine ever-prescient questions about identity, race, history, and sexuality.

© Yuval Pudik

Yuval Pudik's Portfolio

© Yuval Pudik

Artist Biography

Yuval Pudik (b. 1978, Israel) is a multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited widely throughout the United Stated and beyond. Recent solo exhibitions include: Such Such Were The Joys (2018) at Gavlak Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; KANADA (2016) at Cash Machine, Los Angeles, CA; Old Fires Were Burning (2015) at Gavlak, Los Angeles, CA; Such As Him (2014) at Vibiana, Los Angeles, CA; Some of My Equals (2011) at Jessica Silverman, San Francisco, CA; Fallen Ecotones (date) at VOLTA, New York, NY; and Enduring Patiently (2009) at Jessica Silverman, San Francisco, CA. Pudik’s work has been included in group exhibitions at Council Street Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Rebecca Cmacho, San Francisco, CA; Ochi Projects, Los Angeles, CA; ACME Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; Torrence At Museum, Torrence, CA; Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA; Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA; MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House, Los Angeles, CA; Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles, CA; The Public Trust, Dallas, TX; Lisa Boyle Gallery, Chicago, IL; and See Line Gallery, Santa Monica, CA; amongst others. He has been featured in Art in America, San Francisco Chronicle, and Sang Bleu Magazine, in addition to producing Better Becoming, a catalog with Cederteg Press, Stockholm, Sweden. After earning his BFA at Kalisher College of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel; and his MFA at the College of Technology and Art, Tel Aviv, Israel; Pudik continued his studies at The New School and New York University in New York, NY. Pudik currently lives and works in New York and Paris.



© Yuval Pudik

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