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Wenqing Zhai

Beijing, China

Artist Statement

Wenqing has always been captivated by the idea of blending themes of ignorance and the inflated significance of mankind into the heart of her artistic practice. She views herself as a gentle rebel, spotlighting issues that have not yet garnered sufficient attention, yet if left unaddressed, may ultimately spell disaster for humanity.

Wenqing chooses to employ a vibrant palette and simplistic objects, crafting works that, at first glance, possess a childlike innocence, thereby enticing viewers. Drawing parallels between a child's mind and human consciousness regarding sustainability and regeneration, she whimsically illustrates phenomena that run counter to the principles of civilization.

She posits that mindset shifts can often be precipitated by taking a lighter approach, employing simplification and humor to tackle complex issues. Through her unique lens of a 'plastic' world, she provides commentary on human behavior and its self-inflicted consequences in a palatable manner. This approach mirrors the notion that, when you need to tell someone they're engaging in harmful behaviors, a friendly, light-hearted chat often gets received better than harsh warnings or raw facts. In this way, Wenqing artfully addresses challenging subjects, creating an atmosphere that prompts self-reflection and change.

© Wenqing Zhai

Wenqing Zhai's Portfolio

© Wenqing Zhai

Artist Biography

Wenqing Zhai (b.1998) is a contemporary painter who works primarily in acrylics. She was born in Dalian, and is currently living and working in Beijing, China. She earned her BFA degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2021. As a young emerging artist, her work has been included in several exhibitions and articles in Overstandard, “Create!” Magazine, Artsinsquare, Eve Leibe Gallery and Moosey Art.



© Wenqing Zhai

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