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Teresa Murta


Artist Statement

My oil paintings are neither abstract nor figurative, but something in between. My entire process happens on the final surface and begins with no premeditated subject or composition.

I’m interested in contrasts such as the natural-artificial and reality-fantasy realms, as well as the concepts of wonder and metamorphosis. The multiplicity of emotions and interpretations that the same painting can carry is something that interests me, that is why I work from, and towards subjectivity and openness.

In my oil paintings I combine empirical and non conventional ways of using the medium and also, classical techniques and color palettes. My work doesn't represent reality, even though I could only generate absurd, fantastic or poetic images by using and combining parts of it.

© Teresa Murta

Teresa Murta's Portfolio

© Teresa Murta

Artist Biography

Teresa Murta (b.1993, Lisbon, Portugal) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Teresa has studied at the Upper School of Arts and Design Caldas da Rainha, Portugal (2011-2014)
Selected solo shows:
2022 - Fishnet, Camões Institute Berlin, Berlin
2022 - Frozen eggs and wet panties, Uhura Basement, Berlin
2021 - Whistle, Whistle, Galeria Nave, Lisbon
2021 - AIRBAG, Galeria Aldama Fabre, Bilbao
2020 – ABSURDO, Galeria Nave, Lisbon
2019 – Showcase: Rock. My World., Galeria Nave, Lisbon
2019 – Rock. My World., ArtRoom, Lisbon
Selected group shows:
2023 - WANDERLUST, Artes -Mota Galiza, Porto
2022 - (0/1) O Zero e o Um, National Museum of Science & Natural History, Lisbon
2022 - Que te seja leve o peso das estrelas, Centro de Arte Contemporânea de Coimbra, Coimbra
2022 - Da afirmação à conta corrente, Bienal de Cerveira, Portugal
2022 - Present Tense, Lage Egal, Berlin
2022 - Sine qua non, Galeria Nave, Lisbon
2018 – ARTFEM – Art biennale, Macau



© Teresa Murta

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