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Peihang Benoit

Paris & London

Artist Statement

The new body of work is provoked by the distorted experience of time and space of early stage motherhood and during confinement, which reflects our collective experience over the past three years due to the pandemic. I explore the sense of space through objects and movements from everyday life and domestic environments, aiming to find a portal that can transcend our thoughts beyond time and space, and to somewhere unlimited. The contour in each composition alludes to what is happening in the interior, hinting at the narrative of a very closed life scene, yet the replaced alter scene and brushstrokes can set us free. In a painting, we can be at many places at once. Although our bodies may be trapped at one place, our mind can go far unrestricted.

© Peihang Benoit

Peihang Benoit's Portfolio

© Peihang Benoit

Artist Biography

Peihang Benoit explores time, space, memory and deracination in her practice.

Inspired by her own migratory experience, she starts with collages of images gleaned both from historical materials and contemporary everyday media. Benoit weaves the hidden relations between visual documents of the human experience and reflects the ways of seeing in the digital era, mostly through painting; also ceramic, photography and other project based approaches.

Born in Taipei, 1984, moved to the U.S. with her academic parents at a very young age and then moved back to Taipei, then in London, and Paris. Benoit has a bilingual upbringing and an experience of changing countries multiple times that reflects a general human condition especially in contemporary time. She has also been influenced by her feminist mother, seen as a modern woman in the society in her own time. These experiences has provoked her interest into such subjects in her practice.

Benoit holds both BA and MFA degree in Fine Art at National Taiwan Normal University, and received another MA in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Arts, London. She has gained the prestigious Chi-Mei awards from Chi-Mei Museum, The Chu Teh-Chun Award and has been shortlisted in the competitive Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize in the UK. Her works have been exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery, Macau Art Museum, Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts, Pier 2 Art Center, Chi-Mei Museum, AKI Gallery, and Yiri Arts; in Taiwan, U.K., China, Japan, South Korea, Germany and other countries.

She works and lives between Paris and London.



© Peihang Benoit

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