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Paula McLean

Toronto, Ontario

Artist Statement

Interested in the interplay between subject and object, my work has focused on the idea of containers and partitions, as they reflect the relationship between the individual and the environment. These forms, emerging from and merging with the space which envelops them, suggest both isolation and connection, underscoring the complex interplay of subject and object that is inherent in human experience. This relationship is characterized by both the active creative agency of the individual as I negotiate meaning as well as the limits imposed by environmental exigencies. Thus, containers are competing for dominance within a field of forms which represent everything present in a moment of perception, from the physical to the psychological to the social. Since I am exploring this interplay between subject and object, the imagery I use is often unrecognizable or ambiguous allowing the viewer to bring their own experience into play. My current body of work explores the human tendency to memorialize fleeting moments in time through acts of submergence and encasement, specifically encasing photographs in resin.

© Paula McLean

Paula McLean's Portfolio

© Paula McLean

Artist Biography

Born in Sarnia, Ontario, Paula McLean received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art from Concordia University in 2017 and a Master of Fine Art at the University of Waterloo in 2019. She has exhibited at Patel Brown, Hearth, and the plumb in Toronto; Art Mûr Gallery and Centre des Arts Actuels Skol, Montreal, KWAG in Kitchener, and Quarters Gallery in Los Angeles. A recipient of the Keith and Win Shantz Scholarship, she was a studio assistant for Ireland-based painter Ciarán Murphy in the summer of 2018. Her thesis show, To Catch a Glimpse of Things, was exhibited at the University of Waterloo Art Gallery in May, 2019.



© Paula McLean

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