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Pace Taylor

Portland, OR, USA

Artist Statement

My work is about belonging, both as concept and feeling. As a queer artist, and moreover, as a trans artist, I have found comfort in re-constructing scenes from found or self-produced photographs and populating a space outside of time with imagined selves and community. But as an autistic artist, daily concerns of acceptance and communication bleed through. As my own unreliable narrator in social interactions, I have spent much of my life picking apart how it is that people find community because I often feel on the outside of it. In these drawings, I am distilling years of being a witness, and sometimes a voyeur, to other’s relationships, breaking them down into mutable planes of soft pastel and the specificity of graphite. Still, as a romantic, this preoccupation with intimacy includes dreaming up all of the ways it can exist, and through these images I attempt to create a visual space that others can project into and be embraced; an offer to be held by another’s language.

© Pace Taylor

Pace Taylor's Portfolio

© Pace Taylor

Artist Biography

Pace Taylor (b. 1992) is an artist emotionally preoccupied with intimacy and who we choose to share it with. Their work is often quiet, very queer, and persistently vulnerable. They have exhibited at Nationale in Portland, OR; La Loma Projects in Los Angeles, CA; Future Fair in New York, NY; among others. They were the 2023 Don Bachardy Fellow at the Royal Drawing School in London and have attended Caldera Arts Golden Spot Residency in Sisters, OR (2022), as well as Centrum’s Emerging Artist Residency in Port Townsend, WA (2020). In 2022 they were awarded an Individual Artist Fellowship by the Oregon Arts Commission. Taylor received their BFA in Digital Arts from the University of Oregon, 2015. They live in Portland, OR and are represented by Nationale.



© Pace Taylor

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