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Mario Abela

Victoria, Gozo, Malta

Artist Statement

My artistic path delves into the depths of the human experience, exploring the profound paradox of our existence—the interplay between destruction and creation, chaos and beauty. In the post-human era of the Anthropocene, where our actions have shaped the very fabric of our planet, I seek to unveil the hidden potential for transformation, to illuminate the alchemy that arises when we strive to create beauty from what we have destructed.

Through my work, I confront the consequences of our destructive tendencies, acknowledging the pain and despair they inflict upon our world. However, I refuse to surrender to despair. Instead, I embark on a philosophical journey, navigating the intricate terrain of our collective consciousness in this new epoch defined by human influence.

In the post-human context of the Anthropocene, my artistic process becomes an act of redemption, an attempt to reconcile the fragmented and disparate elements of our existence. I create visual narratives that invite contemplation and introspection. I aim to evoke a visceral response, stirring emotions and awakening a deeper understanding of our shared humanity in this transformative era.

In a world that often fixates on the surface, I seek to unveil the hidden layers, to expose the underlying truths that lie obscured. As we navigate the complexities of the Anthropocene, my art becomes a conduit for reflection and dialogue. It invites viewers to delve beyond the superficial, to engage in a philosophical exploration that challenges preconceived notions and invites a deeper understanding of our post-human condition.

Through my art, I aspire to inspire introspection and transformation. It is a call to reflect upon the consequences of our actions and embrace our capacity to shape a more harmonious and compassionate world, even as we navigate the complexities of the Anthropocene. By confronting the destructive forces within and around us, we can tap into the wellspring of creativity and resilience, forging a path towards personal and collective enlightenment in this new era.

© Mario Abela

Mario Abela's Portfolio

© Mario Abela

Artist Biography

I was born (b. 1983), live and work on the island of Gozo - Malta. I hold a Bachelors Degree in Education - Art and History, and a Masters in Fine Arts – Digital Arts, from the University of Malta. I am currently a senior lecturer at MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts.



© Mario Abela

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