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Lohrasb Bayat

Berlin, Germany

Artist Statement

One of the most intriguing concepts in physics is Schrödinger's cat, a thought experiment that highlights the strange and paradoxical nature of a concept called quantum superposition. This thought experiment was devised by Nobel Prize–winning physicist Erwin Schrödinger in a letter to Albert Einstein.

In simple terms Schrödinger's cat thought experiment goes as follows: if you seal a cat in a box with something that can eventually kill it, you won’t know if the cat is dead or alive until you open the box. So, until you open the box and observe the cat, the cat is simultaneously dead and alive. Or in another term the cat is in a superposition.

This concept of Superpositions is a parallel to the blindfolded figures in my new series, existing in a state of ambiguity and multiple possibilities. Just as the cat is suspended in a state of uncertainty, unaware of its own fate, the blindfolded figures dance and laugh with an exuberance that defies their predicament. They embrace the uncertainty of their existence, laughing and moving with a sense of assumed liberation, evoking the simultaneous presence of vulnerability and resilience.

One poignant form of simple expression embedded with complexities, in this series is dancing. Despite its integral role in Persian history and tradition, consistently depicted in various works of art spanning both traditional and contemporary realms, public dancing has been deemed illegal.

Delving deeper into the social and legal dimensions of dancing. Within the figures lies a connection to the complex socio-political landscape and contemporary history of the Middle East, specifically Iran. The struggles faced by many in the region, navigating a delicate balance between personal expression, societal expectations and political repercussions.

This series serves as a catalyst for dialogue, empathy, and a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of the Middle East.

Through this medium, I hope to illuminate the paradoxes, challenges, and triumphs of individuals and societies, encouraging viewers to explore the interconnectedness of our collective journey and find hope and inspiration in the pursuit of freedom, justice, and self-expression. Furthermore the series opens a meaningful dialogue, fostering empathy and a nuanced understanding of The challenges experienced by many in the region involving delicately navigating the interplay between personal expression, societal expectations, and political ramifications in the Middle East.
The unforgiving nature of markers on paper adds an element of risk and vulnerability to the creative process. Much like the figures in the artwork, I embrace the uncertainties and limitations inherent in working with this medium.

In further contemplating the complex nature of producing art in Iran, my intention is to explore deeper connections within the current landscape of the state of Iranian art. The figures in this series were created through a series of live interactions (photoshoots) between myself with other painters, photographers, sculptors, musicians, architects, etc. In these sessions I blindfold the said models, and invite them to dance to a selected dance music. And at times use humor to make them laugh.

This dialogue inspired private moments of expression in a safe setting. It also facilitated reflective analysis of the individual experiences within the Iranian artistic communities.

© Lohrasb Bayat

Lohrasb Bayat's Portfolio

© Lohrasb Bayat

Artist Biography

Born in Tehran, Iran, in 1990, my work emerges from an interest in history, politics, socio-economics, science, and technology. My formative years were marked by constant travel, traversing war-ravaged cities in the aftermath of the Iran-Iraq war. These experiences, coupled with encounters with marginalized Arab communities within Iran, left an indelible imprint that would later find expression in my artistic endeavors.

Throughout the last 10 years, I have tackled subjects like identity concealment and anonymity in the age of mass surveillance and facial recognition. and later on, probing the very essence of holiness within both Eastern and Western traditions of painting and culture.

In my latest series, I present the paradox of simultaneous states of existing, seeing, and perceiving realities. Focused on the psycho-social living conditions of the Middle East, the blindfolded figures personify the coexistence of vulnerability, resilience, oppression, freedom, and instability. Taking inspiration from Quantum Mechanics the series is called Superposition.

I've exhibited my works at many galleries, including two solo shows at Dastan gallery, Tehran, Iran. In 2023 I've Participated in group exhibitions, Including Azad Art gallery and The Khor Art initiative at SARAI gallery, Iran. My work has been featured in different Publications, such as SuboArt Magazine in October 2023.



© Lohrasb Bayat

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